TM-i series

TM-i is developed to provide smart solutions for Web based POS systems or Web based systems as value-added services for receipt printing, e.g. a receipt with coupon, customer loyalty information and so on. TM-i is composed of a TM-i intelligent unit, which has high performance ARM CPU, Linux OS, User memory, and Peripheral I/Os, and a TM printer. TM-i intelligent unit is mounted in the UIB interface slot. So the size of the TM-i printer is the same as that of the original TM printer. This provides very stylish and small footprint (POS) system especially by co-operating with tablet PC and/or mobile devices.


Feature 1: Built-in Web server

The TM-i has a built-in web server. So Web applications can be installed and run on the web server locally. If the Web server is on the cloud or the Internet, you can utilize this built-in web server as the backup web server to keep the system operating even when the Internet connection to the Web server on the cloud is interrupted.

Feature 2: Smart peripheral device control using Epson ePOS SDK

Epson ePOS SDK is the smart method to control peripheral devices including TM printers using applications. By using Epson ePOS SDK, You don't need to install drivers for each POS peripheral device at a terminal.

[Note] Epson ePOS SDK is available in the TM-i Firmware Ver.4.0 or later.

Feature 3: Smart receipt printing using ePOS-Print API

ePOS-Print API supports direct printing by XML data from a Web application. By using ePOS-Print API, you do not need to install a printer driver on each mobile device or to add a print server in the system. It will improve the efficiency of system development, deployment, and/or maintenance. Additionally you can realize a device driver & OS independant system.

[Note] ePOS-Print API is available in the TM-i Firmware Ver.3.x or earlier.

Feature 4: Easy TM printer expansion using Printer Hub

TM-i becomes a hub of standard TM printers on the same network. Using Printer Hub function, you can print out a receipt at TM printers through one TM-i with a Web application. This means one TM-i is enough for a (POS) system on the same network even when you need multiple receipt printers in a (POS) system.. At this time, standard TM printer(s) should be connected to a TM-i with Ethernet I/F or Wi-Fi I/F.

Feature 5: Easy setup and deployment

Using a pre-installed Web application: TMNet WebConfig and Easy Setup function, you can set up TM-i easily.
The setting functions that are configured by TMNet WebConfig are as follows:

By using Easy Setup, the pre-customized setting data is transferred from a USB memory without connecting to a local PC. This eases the setting up and/or deployment work so much.

Feature 6:Interfaces for system expansion

TM-i has interfaces for system expansion. The figure shows the interfaces at TM-i rear panel. When you want to use Wi-Fi I/F, you can utilize an optional OT-WL01 unit. Micro SD card slot is available when using the PHP function.

TM-T88V-i/TM-T70-i(with a Serial port)rear panel

TM-T88V-i/TM-T70-i(without a Serial port)/TM-L90-i rear panel

TM-T83II-i/TM-T82II-i/TM-T20II-i rear panel

Feature 7: Stylish and small footprint

TM-i has a stylish and small footprint shape, which is almost the same shape as a TM printer. So a TM-i will especially fit the (POS) system at a smallshop, which have limited space for the (POS) system equipment, with the tablet PC(s) and/or mobile devices.

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