TM-DT series

Kiosk system

A Kiosk system with guest slip printing is used at a shop normally. This application shows a simple solution for a Kiosk system.

Benefits for system developer and integrator

  • Unified system development using the Web based system
  • Driverless solution using Epson ePOS SDK (No need to develop or install a driver)
  • Easy setup & deployment using TMNet WebConfig and other tools

Benefits for end user

  • Low cost system using TM-DT
  • Simple and small footprint system
  • Easy support & maintenance using Web Contents Update and so on

Main points for system configuration

Kiosk system

The Web server on the Internet is optional. But when it is available, it can provide the company and/or the shop information. Additionally it eases support and maintenance work especially for a company with multiple shops with centralized management using Web Contents Update and so on.

The Kiosk application is a Web-based application, which means the application runs on a Web server on the Internet or at the shop locally. As the TM-DT has a built-in Web server, the application can run on a TM-DT, too.

The Kiosk application can run on a tablet PC or the TM-DT using a browser in which case the information is displayed at the LCD panel.

A guest who visits the shop reads the message on the display, then selects a service on the screen.

At that time it is possible to read customer information, e.g. customer ID, using peripheral device(s), which are connected to the TM-DT, and/or to print out the customer slip at the TM-DT using Epson ePOS SDK without any printer drivers.

When the Kiosk application needs to be updated, a system administrator will place the new data/contents in a certain folder on the Web server on the Internet. Using the Web Contents Update function of the TM-DT, the files in the certain folder of the Web server are checked on schedule, then downloaded and to re-write the data within the TM-DT when new data is found. This easies support and maintenance work at a shop.

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