FAQ: General

Q1What are the advantages of a Web based POS system compared with a legacy POS system?


The key advantage is that the application of a Web based system runs on the Web server. You can access the Web application by using a common browser at each terminal. So the Web based system is OS free and a user does not need to install the application at each terminal. Additionally the application update on the Web server will affect the application of all client terminals immediately.

Q2Are there any sample applications of Web based POS system running on TM-Intelligent to evaluate?


Yes, please contact the Epson sales company at your region after referring to the Contact Us page.

Q3What are the difficulties in developing a Web based POS application?


From viewpoint of Epson, there is the difficulty of controlling the peripheral devices at Web application if it has several choices to control POS printers and/or POS peripheral devices. Epson is promoting the use of ePOS-Print to control POS printers and ePOS-Device to control peripheral devices. By using ePOS-Print and ePOS-Device technology, you can control these devices easily on the Web based POS. Additionally you need not to install the device driver for each device. This eliminates a lot of cost for deployment, support, and maintenance.

Q4Does TM-Intelligent work as a standard TM printer by connecting to the external PC directly?


No. The interfaces at TM-Intelligent are only connected to the built-in PC. It does not work as a standard TM printer.

Q5I want to use some tablet PCs as mobile POS terminals to connect the built-in Web server on TM-Intelligent. Are there any limitations on the numbers of POS terminals to connect?


No, there is no limitation to connect. But the performance for the response time to these terminals is based on each application. Please refer to the Success story.

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