FAQ: TM-i series

Q1What is TM-i Firmware?


TM-i Firmware is the software incorporated in the TM-i printer for performing basic control. There are differences in function depending on the version.
When you upgrade the TM-i Firmware for the TM-T70-i and TM-T88V-i to Ver.4.0 or later, ePOS-Device functions can be used.
Please refer to TM-i Firmware Update tool, which can be downloaded at the Download page.

[Note] The firmware version of the TM-T20II-i, TM-T82II-i, and TM-T83II-i are Ver.4.0 or later when they are shipped from the factory.

Q2Can I directly control the receipt printer of TM-i with a local PC?


The I/Fs of TM-i are not connected to the receipt printer of TM-i. But if you send the defined XML/HTTP commands through the Ethernet or Wi-Fi network with the optional Wi-Fi module, you can directly control the printer.

Q3What is the suitable application for TM-i?


Please refer to Application page of TM-i or the Success story with TM-i.

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