Q1What is ePOS-Print API? Is it defined/developed by a certain organization?


ePOS-Print API is defined/developed by Epson to control TM-i printer at the Web application using HTML5. The products that ePOS-Print API is available are as follows.

  • TM-T88V-i (TM-i Firmware ver.3.x or earlier)
  • TM-T70-i (TM-i Firmware ver.3.x or earlier)
  • TM-L90-i

When firmware upgrade (TM-i Firmware Ver.4.0 or Later) has been done on TM-T70-i and TM-T88V-i, ePOS-Device SDK will become available.

Q2Can I use the ePOS-Print name on an open Web site and/or sales contents?


Yes, but please contact the Epson sales company in your region and to get a confirmation. The contact information is at Contact Us page.

Q3I want to use more than 5 kitchen printers. Do I have to use 5 TM-i units for the kitchen printers?


No, one TM-i is enough for a system. When you want to add kitchen printers with TM-i system, you can use normal TM printers for the kitchen printer with the Ethernet or Wi-Fi I/F. TM-i has Printer Hub function. By using the function, Web application can control normal TM printers with one TM-i.

Q4 I want to install many normal TM printers as the kitchen printer with TM-i. Are there any limitations on the numbers of TM printer?


One TM-i can control up to 20 TM printers using Printer Hub function.

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