FAQ: ePOS-Device

Q1What is an ePOS-Device Service?


ePOS-Device Service is a technology for controlling POS peripherals and TM printers from Web applications and smart devices such as a smart phone or tablet. The applicable products for the ePOS-Device Service are TM-Intelligent printers, TM-DT printer and TM-i printer (TM-i Firmware Ver.4.0 or later). Epson ePOS SDK is a development tool for the ePOS-Device Service. Epson ePOS SDK is made up of the following development tools.

Development tool Target application
Espon ePOS SDK for Android Android-based application
Epson ePOS SDK for iOS iOS-based application
Epson ePOS SDK for Universal Windows apps Universal Windows Platform application
Epson ePOS SDK for JavaScript Web application (HTML5-based)
ePOS-Device XML No specific application

For more details, please refer to Epson ePOS SDK User's manual, which can be downloaded at Download page. Or, please refer to TECH.REFERENCE page.

Q2Can I use the ePOS-Device name on the open Web site and/or contents?


Yes, but please contact the Epson sales company in your region and to get a confirmation. The contact information is at Contact Us page.

Q3I don't know how to customize the "Device control script." Can I see sample programs for "Device control script"?


Please refer to the "Epson ePOS SDK User's Manual" or "ePOS-Device XML User's Manual". You can download at Download page.

Q4Can I ask Epson to develop a ePOS-Device for our standard POS peripheral devices?


Epson will continually expand POS peripheral devices to be supported by ePOS-Device Service. If your standard POS peripheral device is not on ePOS-Device list, please contact the Epson sales company in your region. The contact information is at the Contact Us page.

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