FAQ: TMNet WebCofig

Q1What is TMNet WebConfig?


TMNet WebConfig is the web application to set up TM-intelligent units. It is pre-installed on each TM-Intelligent unit. For more details, please visit TMNet WebConfig page.

Q2How can I access TMNet WebConfig?


You can access the TMNet WebConfig on the target TM-Intelligent unit by using a common browser on your PC. The connection between your PC and TM-Intelligent unit should be through the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

Q3What kinds of contents can be downloaded from an external Web server to TM-Intelligent?


This is the Web contents update function, which is configured by TMNet WebConfig. The target file should be provided by one ZIP format file. After the file download based on the schedule setting, e.g. at 4:00 AM everyday, the file is unzipped automatically, then places all contents/files in the certain folder. For more details, please visit Web Contents Update page.

Q4Is it possible to download data from Web server on the Internet to the built-in web server on TM-Intelligent in real-time?


No. it is a batch process. You can set the timing by TMNet WebConfig. Or you can download manually using TMNet WebConfig.

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