FAQ: TM mobile printer

Q1Does all of Epson mobile printers support ePOS-Print?


ePOS-Print SDK is made up of the following development tools. The applicable products for ePOS-Print SDK are TM mobile printers. The applicable products differ depending on the development tool.

  • ePOS-Print SDK for Android
  • ePOS-Print SDK for iOS
  • ePOS-Print SDK for Windows Store apps
  • ePOS-Print SDK for JavaScript*

(*)TM-P60 is not supported.

ePOS-Print API is a development tool for TM-i printers (TM-i Firmware Ver.3.x or earlier). The ePOS-Print API is a JavaScript library for controlling the TM printer from Web application software which supports HTML5.

Q2What is the difference between TM-P60 and TM-P60II?


TM-P60II is the new mobile printer from Epson. There are many improvements in the features compared with TM-P60. Some of key features for TM-P60II are as follow:

  • Longer operational battery life up to 14 hours for Wi-Fi model, and up to 46 hours for Bluetooth model
  • Faster printing speed up to 100mm/s
  • Wider support for Wi-Fi specifications: IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n with 2.4GHz/5GHz compatibility
  • ePOS-Print XML support*

(*)TM Mobile printer does not support the Printer Hub function using ePOS-Print XML.

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