FAQ: ePOS-Print

Q1What is ePOS-Print Service?


ePOS-Print Service is a technology for controlling the TM printer from Web applications. Epson ePOS SDK for JavaScript and ePOS-Print XML are development tools for the ePOS-Print Service.

Development tool Target application
Epson ePOS SDK for JavaScript Web application (HTML5-based)
ePOS-Print XML No specific application

The applicable products for ePOS-Print Service are as follows:

<Builtin UB-R04/wireless LAN(IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n) interface model>
  • TM-T70
  • TM-T70II
  • TM-T88IV
  • TM-T88V
  • TM-T90
  • TM-L90
  • TM-U220
<LAN or Wireless LAN interface model>
  • TM-m10
  • TM-m30
  • TM-P20
  • TM-P60II
  • TM-P60II with Peeler
  • TM-P80

Q2What is the advantage of Epson ePOS SDK?


Epson ePOS SDK has the API. Using the API, application programmers don't need to have the knowledge about ESC/POS commands. Additionally the program to control the target printer becomes very simple and easy against the SDK without the APIs.

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