TM Mobile series

Speciality shop with mobile POS system

This application shows how to configure a web-based POS system including mobile POS system. Adding mobile terminal and printer makes the operation of a speciality shop more flexible.

Benefits for system developer and integrator

  • Easy deployment using mobile printers (no need to place the fixed POS system at the guest floor)

Benefits for end user

  • Side by side guest support
  • Flexible queue management

Main points for system configuration

Speciality shop with mobile POS system

The Web server on the Internet provides the back office application for each shop, including on-time goods inventory report and so on.

For the POS system at a shop, the POS application is a Web-based POS application, which means the POS application runs on a Web server. As the TM-DT has a built-in Web server, the POS application can run at a TM-DT locally without another PC server.

A mobile device, e.g. tablet PC, and a mobile printer will compose the mobile POS. In case of Web based POS application, the mobile printer has to connect to the tablet PC through Wi-Fi interface.

Using mobile POS system, the clerk can check out the sales for a guest everywhere at the shop.

Using the mobile device, the clerk can show varieties of back office data, e.g. online goods inventory data, to the guest every time the guest wants.

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