TMNet WebConfig

TMNet WebConfig is a Web application to set up the basic functions at a TM-Intelligent printer. It is initially installed on a TM-Intelligent printer so you can access the application using a browser application on a local PC that is connected to a TM-Intelligent printer through the Ethernet or Wi-Fi network.

The setting items by TMNet WebConfig

TMNet WebConfig

  • Defining & setting of the main device, and peripheral devices (TM-DT printer only)
  • Registering Java script for ePOS-Device to fit your peripheral devices (TM-DT printer only)
  • Web contents update
  • Status update
  • Server direct print
  • Network
  • Internal TM printer
  • Addtional TM printer(s) in the same network

The setting data by TMNet WebConfig is stored in a local PC. So you can utilize the stored setting data to set up another TM-Intelligent printer. Or you can transfer the setting data to another TM-Intelligent printer using the Easy Setup function through a USB memory device.

TMNet WebConfig API*

TMNet WebConfig has APIs that can be accessed from a web application. Using TMNet WebConfig API, you can change the TM-i setting in your application. For more details, please refer to the "TMNet WebConfig API users manual", which can be downloaded at the Download page.

[Note] *: TMNet WebConfig API is available for TM-i only.

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