Epson POS Printer WebAPI Interface Specification Software

Uploaded date 2023/05/31
Explanation "Epson POS Printer WebAPI " (hereafter called "WebAPI") enables developers to make a Solution such as managed print service, print accounting system, etc. WebAPI is based on the HTTP(S) protocol that provides means for the Application to communicate with Epson Imaging Devices. The Browser allows the Application to provide the APIs allow the Application to control Device's functions.

[Changes from previous version]
Added support for TM-m50II-H.

[Target model]
TM-P20II, TM-P80II, TM-P80II Auto Cutter Model, TM-m30III, TM-m30III-H, TM-m50II, TM-m50II-H

[How to obtain this content]
Please contact your local Epson sales company or your sales partner to obtain this manual.

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